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Posted by gordonboswell on February 19, 2018 Floral Design Flowers Spring

Those Occasions When Flowers Matter Most

Few things lift the spirits like receiving the gift of flowers. They are a symbol of nature’s beauty and the precious, delicate nature of life. Gordon Boswell Flowers is pleased to provide a range of options in their floral selection. From bouquets to wrist corsages and boutonnieres, we can meet all your floral needs.

While a flowers are a perfect gift for just about any occasion, there are a few where they are even more fitting. Here are some of the top occasions and special events when flowers matter the most:

Weddings – Flowers at weddings are a must, and this applies to more than just the bride and groom. Everyone in attendance can accent their look with a wrist corsage or flower boutonniere.

Dances – From informal dances to Homecoming and the Prom, school dances and flowers go hand in hand. A bouquet for your date will set the tone for an amazing evening.

A Romantic Date – Whether it’s a first date or your weekly date night, after a decade together, flowers create an undeniable atmosphere of romance.

Few gifts can make the impact of flowers, but there are certain occasions when giving them matters most. Gordon Boswell Flowers is here to meet all your floral gift giving needs. Consider our Sunset Beauty wrist corsage, which includes pink and orange roses that evoke the splendor of a sunset. For the guys, a Bold and Blue Boutonniere with agapanthus will take any event they are attending to new levels.