Gordon Boswell

Gordon Boswell

Posted by gordonboswell on March 19, 2018 Flowers Spring

Ode To The Fragrant Hyacinth

Most Texans are undoubtedly fed up with winter weather. We certainly are, and even though we’re now on Daylight’s Savings, you never know what type of severe weather Mother Nature will unleash on North Texas before the temperatures finally warm up enough for us to enjoy vistas of bluebonnets and other wildflowers as they bloom in sequence. Luckily, people in the Fort Worth area can count on Gordon Boswell to entice their eyes and noses with beautiful flowers and great smells.

We live in a fantastic area. North Texas gets a milder taste of the four seasons even if we are in the middle of tornado alley. While we enjoy a wide variety of beautiful blooming flowers in our gardens, many magnificently fragrant flowers aren’t suited to our climate and growing zone. So we encourage you to enjoy the things we can’t or don’t plant here in vases. Our Parisian Garden arrangement is a design that oozes elegance and sophistication. The colors of all of the flowers complement one another so beautifully; you might wonder if one of the famous French Impressionists painted a similar bouquet.

We’ve endured a brutal winter this year. As temperatures go up and down like a never-ending roller coaster, we’re eager to see bluebonnets and the other sequential Texas wildflowers blanket the landscape, reassuring us that winter is gone. In the meantime, you can always count on Gordon Boswell to offer you a variety of colorful and fragrant spring flower designs with which to fill your home or office.