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A Bold, Jewel-Toned Floral Design For Fall

Bring the bold, refreshing colors of fall into your home this season with a bright, jewel-toned floral arrangement that steps outside of the typical harvest hues often seen in autumn. These brilliant colors can complement any decor and will dazzle… Read More about A Bold, Jewel-Toned Floral Design For Fall »

A Fun Way To Sample Harvest Florals

As autumn approaches we shift our entertaining focus to items centered around harvest delights and fall flavors. Add a bit of unique flavor to your next get-together by infusing your drinks or meal with edible flowers. The freshness will take on a whole new meaning, especially when paired with one of Gordon Boswell Flowers’ stunning bouquets. Read More about A Fun Way To Sample Harvest Florals »
Posted by gordonboswell on September 17, 2018 | Last Updated: October 6, 2020 Fall Flowers

Self Care In The Form Of Gorgeous Plants

With the notion of self-care comes the idea that we must invest oodles of time, money and energy into something that only benefits ourselves. In reality small, simple changes can make a big difference in your own life and in the lives of those around you. When you care for yourself, you become better at caring for others, too. Finding balance, energy and peace can be achieved in many ways- eating healthy, exercising, meditation and rest, and even surrounding yourself with samples of nature are great ways to care for yourself. Gordon Boswell, the go-to Fort Worth flower shop, has beautiful arrangements of plants and flowers alike that will nurture your soul and help you find wellness. Read More about Self Care In The Form Of Gorgeous Plants »
Posted by gordonboswell on September 10, 2018 Plants

The Flowers That Speak For Us

Often, flowers can communicate all the love, sadness, comfort, and encouragement we want to say when we don’t have the words. At a time of mourning, flowers can be a great comfort to a grieving family. Remembering a loved one by surrounding ourselves with beautiful arrangements that speak to their sweetness and light is a way to encourage sad hearts and show care for those in sorrow. Gordon Boswell designs sentimental pieces that will help you show reverence during the loss of a loved one. Read More about The Flowers That Speak For Us »
Posted by gordonboswell on August 31, 2018 | Last Updated: January 14, 2021 Flowers sympathy

Creating Solid Relationships With Floral Traditions

When you think about the bonds created between your own parents and your children, the magnitude of this connection is beyond comprehension. Bridging generations, grandparents and grandchildren share a special and unique relationship. We get to celebrate this every autumn on Grandparents Day, the second Sunday of September. The floral designers at Gordon Boswell have created some amazing arrangements for your child to bring or send to their favorite grandparent this Grandparents Day. Read More about Creating Solid Relationships With Floral Traditions »
Posted by gordonboswell on August 27, 2018 Flowers Grandparent's Day

White Flowers All Year Long

Using white as part of your decorating scheme no longer needs to have a stigma revolving around Labor Day. In days gone by, this was the cut-off for wearing or decorating with white at all. White was used in the summer due to the heat, and starting with Labor Day, white had to move over for the burnt oranges, forest greens and chocolates of fall. Now that we have climate-controlled homes, and fall or winter textures can come in any shade, white can be a staple in any season. Gordon Boswell encourages you to experiment with white this fall and see what sort of delightful looks you discover. Read More about White Flowers All Year Long »
Posted by gordonboswell on August 19, 2018 Flowers

Get Some Bee-Friendly Flowers

Bees, as a species, are on the decline and numbers are beginning to drop into the endangered category. Attracting bees to your garden or yard is an important way to participate in boosting the declining bee population, which will allow them to continue to do the work they were designed to do- pollinating crops that make up 90% of the world’s food resources. By bringing brightly colored flowers (think of sunflowers and lavender) to your garden, you will offer a safe environment for bees to live. If gardening isn’t your thing, or you simply don’t have the space for a garden, the floral specialists at Gordon Boswell Flowers recommend including some bee-friendly flowers and plants on your outdoor porch or patio. Read More about Get Some Bee-Friendly Flowers »
Posted by gordonboswell on August 13, 2018 Flowers Summer

Perfect Flowers For Every Room

Your kitchen is the center of activity in your home. Conversations are started, meals are created, and life is lived around a kitchen table. Decorating such a well-used room is paramount to creating an inviting space where people feel at home. Include fresh flowers in your decor to add warmth and character to such a homey space. The floral experts at Gordon Boswell Flowers will be glad to help you choose flowers that are perfect for each room in your home. Read More about Perfect Flowers For Every Room »
Posted by gordonboswell on August 4, 2018 Flowers Summer

Bring A Bit Of Summer To Your Teacher’s Desk

Every year, at the close of summer, as students enjoy the last few days of freedom and sunshine, teachers are already hard at work preparing for the coming school year. Classrooms are cleaned, arranged and decorated, lesson plans are written, and many meetings are attended. By the time your student arrives in their new teacher’s classroom for back-to-school night, much work has already been accomplished. Gordon Boswell suggests this is a great time to appear with a bouquet of flowers or a great gift to show your appreciation. Read More about Bring A Bit Of Summer To Your Teacher’s Desk »
Posted by gordonboswell on July 30, 2018 Back to School Flowers Summer