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Posted by gordonboswell on June 2, 2017 | Last Updated: June 4, 2017 Roses

Send Them a Rose Bouquet for National Rose Month

rose bouquet

Roses are beloved throughout the world, and although you may think of the long-stemmed red variety when you hear “roses”, there are over 150 species and thousands of cultivars to choose from . Roses have been adored by royalty and their oil coveted by the socially elite. They have represented soldiers at war, and stood for passion and romance. This amazing flower can live for centuries, grow to astounding sizes, and still make a young girl smile and giggle. June is National Rose Month, and it is the perfect time to not only learn about this flower, but to send some roses to someone you love.

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Above: Our designers combined pretty pink roses, ornate lilies and delicate orchids for a fragrant arrangement anyone is sure to love!

Roses are an amazingly resilient flower. The worlds oldest rosebush is said to be nearly 1,200 years old, having been documents as far back as 815 AD. And if that isn’t incredible enough, consider the size of a rosebush in Tombstone, Arizona. This single bush showcases over 200,000 flowering blooms, and is supported by an arbor your can walk and sit under!

Did You Know? Rose hips (the fruit/seedcase of the rosebush) are higher in Vitamin C than oranges. The farther north of the Equator a rosehip is grown, the richer it is in the vitamin. The most nutrient dense rose is the Rugosa variety.
rose bouquet

Above: Luxury hits new heights when we pair dark pink roses with elegant calla lilies of the same hue. Green freesia adds to the beauty of this design.

The sheer abundance of rose varieties means that you can get roses in many sizes and colors. The world’s smallest roses have buds as minute¬†as a grain of rice, while other species have flowers that measure over two feet across when in bloom. The largest rose flower ever record was an astounding 33 inches across!

Below: Yellow roses, orchids and hydrangea dominate in this bold and beautiful design that is sure to impress.

rose bouquetBirthdays, anniversaries – or for no occasion at all – National Rose month is a great opportunity to share the love, beauty and elegance of roses. Call Gordon Boswell today, to have the most gorgeous roses in Fort Worth delivered to a loved one. Or send a bouquet to yourself!