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Sending Condolences with Sympathy Flowers

sympathy flowersOften flowers are used to show how we feel about a person in life; sympathy flowers can also utilize this symbolism. When a person passes away, we can express our emotions for that love one in the type of blooms we have delivered.

For instance, when sending your condolences with the magnificent Sweet Memory Standing Spray, with its beautiful red carnations and sophisticated roses, decorated with a ribbon and foliage, it makes an unforgettable presentation. In the language of flowers, the color red for roses conveys love and grief, while the same color for carnations shows affection.

The Double Orchid Plant is understated, but distinctive, with its deep green leaves dispersed at the base, it comes in an exotic bowl. Orchids are considered a global representation of endearment. Easy to care for, this hardy gift can last up to two months or more.

The long-lasting sympathy flowers called Blooming Peace Lily, are attractive creamy colored lilies with lovely dark green leaves, showcased in an attractive basket. As an aromatic, lilies are considered a traditional entity at funerals. The white hue suggests innocence, purity, and the soul of the dearly departed returning to a peaceful state.

This is a masterpiece of floral design! The breathtaking Eternal Rest Heart has a lavish mixture of gorgeous blossoms. Lavender roses, poms, and chrysanthemums, coupled with pink gladiolus hydrangeas, and carnations arranged in the shape of a heart.

This stunning exhibition communicates thankfulness to the decease, as well as a depiction of the tears of the Virgin Mary, with its pink. The purple hues are associated with respect for the departed. All the flowers within this arrangement are noted as conventional funeral flowers.

Whether sympathy flowers for a funeral ceremony or a happier occasion we have all the items you need to make your event extraordinary.

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