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Let this year’s spring cleaning result in a calming and uplifting oasis to call home. With earth-friendly cleaners, repurposed cleaning rags, and fragrant flowers to replace your plug-ins and aerosols, there is no better way to breathe that sigh of relief and welcome the new warmth of spring. To help, your friends here at Gordon Boswell, the best flower shop in Fort Worth, have the perfect ideas to refresh, reorganize, and refine your home. Find new cleaning hacks and fresh spring blooms to add the perfect finishing touches to each room, in our spring cleaning guide below. 

Refresh Your Kitchen

Refreshing and deep cleaning your kitchen to prepare for the new season can be easy and quick with some helpful tips. For example, dust bunnies are no longer a pain to capture if you dampen the bristles on your broom. You can even get those stubborn ones that live behind the refrigerator to stick. Simply vacuum when you’re finished to make sure they stay away for good.

Refresh with Spring Flowers

There is no better pair than a fresh kitchen and a wonderful green plant or lovely bouquet of spring flowers. This pop of uplifting color is sure to enhance your mood. These living beauties also help with air purification and the flow of oxygen.

  • Peace Lily: A popular and vibrant choice to purify the air
  • Carnations: Offer a long-lasting and unique fragrance
  • Tulips: One of the first signs of spring and inspire happiness
  • Eucalyptus: Rejuvenating fragrance to refresh and open your senses

Reorganize Your Bathroom

Cleaning and sanitizing your bathroom is important, but when was the last time you organized your linen closet or medicine cabinet? From fraying towels to expired over-the-counter medications, spring is also the perfect time to reassess and rearrange the contents of your home. Repurpose items such as towels for cleaning rags, toss out what you do not use, and pull the seasonal products, like aloe and sunscreen, front and center for easy access.

Reorganize with Spring Flowers

There is a lot to love about spring flowers, including the warm welcome and greeting we receive each time we walk into a room. From their beautiful hues and petals to sweet aromas, there is hardly a need to invest in aerosol sprays, plug-in air fresheners, and candles.

  • Daffodils: Proven to lift your spirits and relieve stress
  • Gerbera Daisies: Encourage cheerfulness and joy
  • Sunflowers: A radiant symbol of positivity and optimism
  • Hyacinths: Known for their divine aroma

Refine Your Bedroom

We like to say that our bedroom is a sanctuary to help us reset and feel warm fuzzy feelings. So, if you feel like your bedroom may be lacking in this area, or your sleeping habits could use a refresh, try refining your space with feng shui. A few guidelines that stick out to us include decluttering the space under your bed. If you require this space for storage, utilize it for linens only to allow for free-flowing energy. Another tip is to position your bed away from windows, doors, and vents to avoid drafts. Keep in mind, the more you declutter the more restful and peaceful your sleep will be.

Refine with Spring Flowers

A lovely addition to your bedroom is a fresh arrangement of spring blooms. As your bedroom is a place to relax, unwind, and feel happy at home, live flowers and plants both uplift and calm your mood. You can also choose the best color, look, fragrance, and symbolism to reflect your style and complement your decor. 

  • Sweet Peas: Provide a sweet aroma and often associated with the Victorian Era
  • Peonies: A popular choice for bouquets to bring luck and happiness
  • Hydrangea: Classic bloom with charming and peaceful qualities
  • Orchids: Help restore a balance in energy and symbolize refinement

The warm sunshine and blossoming flowers mean it is time to welcome the spring season once again. Bring a little warmth and sunshine into your home as you refresh and rejuvenate it with Mother Nature in mind. Find your favorite spring flowers and purifying plants here at Gordon Boswell, for a touch of relaxation and joy.