Get Well Flowers, Plants and Gifts

get well flowers

When someone we love is under the weather, we definitely want to cheer them up. Studies have shown that receiving flowers has an instant effect on our well-being and happiness, making floral bouquets a perfect choice to send to someone who is ill. Whether your friend or family member is in the hospital or sick at home, choosing beautiful plants and flowers from Gordon Boswell Flowers is a guaranteed way to make them smile.

Which flowers are right to send? If your loved one is at home, virtually any florals are appropriate, but you may wish to ask the experts as to which blooms have the least scent. If someone is not feeling well, an overwhelming fragrance may be offensive, so stay away from highly aromatic flowers – instead, choose gerbera daisies, tulips or sunflowers. They are not only low fragrance but are cheerful and easy to care for. get well flowers

Gordon Boswell Flowers works with all local Fort Worth hospitals, and we are happy to deliver to your favorite patient. However, you may wish to call the facility prior to ordering your gift, as some medical centers may have rules as to what is permissible to send. If they do allow flowers, bright and vivid colors bring happiness into the hospital room.

You may also wish to consider green or flowering plants. Not only do these beautiful gifts help to purify the air, and even make the environment more healthy – but they are long lasting and easy to transport home when their visit is over. Orchids, bromeliads, and tropical greens are a popular choice for their exotic and durable beauty.

get well flowers

If you would like to add get well balloons or plush animals, just let us know when you call. Our experts are here to answer any questions, give advice, and to create get well flowers and gifts that will help them to have a speedy recovery. For all of your Fort Worth floral delivery needs, Gordon Boswell Flowers is the place to call.