Sapphires- September’s Birthstone

September birthdays

It’s time to celebrate September birthdays! For all those special people you’ll be looking to honor this month, the team at Gordon Boswell Florist would like to recommend floral designs inspired by sapphires, September’s birthstone.  The brilliant blue only occurs in a few flowers naturally, making a sapphire-blue arrangement as uniquely beautiful as its inspiration stone. No matter what inspires you, we know that you’ll love the birthday bouquets from our talented designers. 

Fun Facts About Sapphires… did you know?

  • Sapphires have always been associated with wisdom. Kings and priests throughout history and in many different cultures have worn sapphires to bring divine wisdom to their decision making.
  • Some ancient cultures believed the earth rested on sapphires. They claimed that the reflection of these sapphires was what made the sky blue.
  • Religious scholars believe that the stone upon which the Ten Commandments were written was actually made of sapphire.
  • Besides wisdom and protection, sapphires have long been thought to represent purity and truth.
  • The largest sapphire in the world, the “Star of India,” is 563 carats and is housed at the Museum of Natural History in New York.
  • Ancient Persians used ground sapphires as a form of medicine.

    September birthdays

Which flowers can you use to represent the September sapphire? Blue delphinium and larkspur are both popular choices, as is blue hydrangea (seen above and below), asters, and forget-me-nots. Some flowers, such as orchids, are often dyed vivid shades of blue for strikingly beautiful arrangements.

Our Summertime Splash design, featured below, displays orange Gerber daisies, red roses, and yellow sunflowers- all accented by sapphire-blue hydrangea.

September birthdays

Sapphires, or flowers that represent sapphire in color, are a meaningful way to commemorate September birthdays! For more ideas, or to customize your own arrangement, talk to the floral experts at Gordon Boswell Flowers. We deliver throughout the Fort Worth area and would love to help you make this a September to remember!