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Gordon Boswell

Posted by gordonboswell on June 10, 2016 | Last Updated: November 3, 2020 Father's Day

The Best Gifts for Father’s Day

father's dayMuch like its counterpart for moms, Father’s Day had a tough time getting off the ground. However, the day to honor Dads had a much longer road, and although the first observance took place only two years after the first Mother’s Day, it would be six decades before it was nationally recognized.

Why did we struggle so much to establish a day to thank our dads? There were several reasons – the men themselves thought it to be too “feminine” of an idea and rejected the likely commercialism of the holiday. At the onset of World War 2, however, persistent marketers pointed out that celebrating Father’s Day was a practical way to honor American troops and support the war effort. By the end of the war, Father’s Day was not yet a federal holiday, but it was a recognized national tradition. In 1972. President Richard Nixon signed a proclamation making Father’s Day a federal holiday.

father's dayFather’s Day is now well loved and celebrated, although sometimes finding Dad a great gift can be difficult. This year, instead of resorting to the usual ties and coffee mugs, how about finding something he will love? With baseball season upon us, who doesn’t love kicking back on the couch to watch the game and snack on his favorite guilty pleasures? Or if Dad chooses to man the grill for his day – we know how he loves to do that – he’ll have gourmet barbecue sauce and plenty of treats to hold him over.
father's dayIf Dad is a working guy, give him a unique gift from our plant department, that both celebrates the Texas climate and, let’s face it, makes any office look cool. These succulents are paired with bamboo and river rocks to create a serene and calming outdoor escape, even if he has to be at a desk all day. Not only will this arrangement bring aesthetic flair to his space, but it will be a reminder for many, many months of your thoughtfulness on this day.

So on June 19, don’t just give him any gift – show him that you cared enough to send something he doesn’t expect but will totally love – from Gordon Boswell.