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Posted by gordonboswell on June 20, 2016 | Last Updated: January 23, 2024 Summer

Blues to Reds – July Birthday Bouquets

july birthdayBirthdays are a great opportunity to give a gift that is highly personal, and that represents the unique person you are celebrating. In July, you have an opportunity to choose between two very different traditions that will be symbolic of a July birthday. Is your loved one more relaxed, serene, and peaceful? Or do they have a red-hot streak that makes them fiery and passionate?

july birthdayThe July birth flower is the demure and elegant blue delphinium. Often confused with the equally ethereal larkspur, this gorgeous summer flower exhibits the color of bright summer skies and is a traditional flower of choice for wildflower bouquets. This shy flower is rarely presented on its own, but is normally found providing a pretty backdrop for bold blossoms; still, it is the perfect bloom to add to a birthday arrangement this month.

At the other end of the color, range is the fiery red ruby, the birthstone of July. The ruby stands for passion, for opulence, for extravagance, and prosperity. It’s brilliant red color was rumored in ancient times to have the power to boil water and melt wax, not to mention repel evil spirits and bring good luck. It was the favored gemstone of emperors and kings and is considered the king of stones. Bold and red hot, the ruby can be represented florally by red roses, red gerbera daisies, red carnations – or tropical flowers such as the red bromeliad or the anthurium plant.

july birthdayOf course, you may choose to honor your loved one with a unique arrangement that encompasses both of these elements – after all, everybody has a bit of both! Whatever your choice, the floral designers at Gordon Boswell are ready to create the perfect floral arrangement for your celebration, whether in Fort Worth or across the country.