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Posted by gordonboswell on December 27, 2016 | Last Updated: December 31, 2016 Birthdays Flowers

Celebrating with Birthstone Bouquets

birthday bouquetsAnyone can place a few cut flowers in a vase. But it takes a professional designer to create truly beautiful works of art that you will be proud to give to your friends and family. This year, when it comes time to give birthday flowers to those you love, don’t just settle for the ordinary. Call the experts at Gordon Boswell Flowers, and we will work with you to design extraordinary birthstone bouquets.

Birthstones represent each month of the year, and are a popular way to mark someone’s birthday. Taking a cue from these precious gems, we recommend designing a custom birthday bouquet that expresses the spirit of each stone.  In January, the essence of deep red garnet can be arranged with red roses or gerbera daisies, while in February, the purple amethyst is showcased with hydrangea or roses. 

birthstone bouquets

Here’s a hint: Raise the level of celebration in any arrangement by adding appropriately colored stones to the vase.

March features the aquamarine, a bright blue color that makes for unique floral displays. The sapphire (in September) and the turquoise (in December) also provide the opportunity for beautiful blue flowers such as delphinium, larkspur, periwinkle, and orchids. April, June, and October give us the opportunity to design a beautiful white display, with silver and crystal accents. These months represent the diamond, pearl, and opal respectively. birthday bouquets

The month of May is represented by the emerald, and the month of August, the peridot. Each of these months gives us the opportunity to create striking bouquets using shades of green, for a very different aesthetic. July offers an opportunity to celebrate the ruby, and November features the topaz, an amber colored stone that is rich and luxuriant.

Sending birthstone bouquets is a beautiful way to tell someone that you care enough to send a very special birthday gift. When looking for something a bit different this year, look no further than Gordon Boswell Flowers of Fort Worth.