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Choose and Send Meaningful Get-Well Blooms: a How-To Guide

When someone you know or love is in the hospital, you want to let them know you care for them, you’re thinking of them and you’re cheering them on to a speedy recovery. A great way to send these messages is with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Flowers are known to cheer and brighten spirits like none other and they can convey the perfect message. But with so many flowers to choose from, how do you know which are the best get-well flowers? 

The floral designers at Gordon Boswell Flowers have put together a guide for sending get-well flowers. We have everything here you need to know, from choosing the perfect blooms, see what those flowers may mean, as well as some tips on navigating hospital policies. Read on to learn everything you need to know about sending get-well flowers to your loved ones.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Blooms to Send

Sending get-well flowers is a great idea, but it’s important to know a few things when sending flowers to a hospital or medical center. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you choose your blooms.

  1. Choose flowers that are allergy-free. Not everyone can handle the smell of beautiful flowers. Make sure you choose hypoallergenic blooms and non-odorous varieties. Anyone on the hospital staff who happens to be allergy-prone will thank you.
  2. Choose flowers that are long-lasting and low-maintenance. Flowers that will endure the test of time, like daisies, mums and carnations are a great option for someone in the hospital. They can take them home with them when they’re finished with their hospital stay. Low-maintenance varieties mean the patient can give more time and energy to recovering quickly. 
  3. Choose flowers in smaller arrangements. Because hospital rooms can be so small, it’s important to consider choosing a more compact arrangement that will be less likely to get in the way of busy medical professionals and medical equipment.
  4. Choose flowers that come in durable containers. While glass or other fragile containers might be pretty, they also could be hazardous in a tight cramped hospital room. Instead, ask for more durable and sturdy containers that will withstand being bumped, moved or even accidentally dropped. Our Lush Basket Garden with its wicker basket is an excellent example.
  5. Choose flowers that are bright and happy. Colorful and cheerful flowers will not only spruce up a drab hotel room, but they will also cheer and brighten your hospital patient’s spirits. Decorate their room and their life with color when you send bright happy get-well flowers.




Lush Basket Garden


A Guide to Get-Well Flowers and Their Meanings

For centuries, different varieties of flowers have often stood for different meanings, depending on which type and color flower you’re receiving. Here we’ve listed some of the more popular get-well flowers as well as the meaning they symbolize.

  • Hydrangea: These cloud-like blooms that come in pastel colors symbolize perseverance. Send a bouquet like our Sunny Sorbet Bouquet to remind loved ones that they can persevere!
  • Roses: Beautiful, classic blooms have a timeless appearance that can symbolize anything from friendly support to encouraging positivity. 
  • Lilies: Bright, colorful, and statement-making, lilies like those in our Blossoms of Joy Bouquet symbolize life and good fortune. 
  • Alstroemeria: These tropical deep beauties represent withstanding trials in life. 
  • Asters: Round, happy and bright, asters symbolize patience and elegance.
  • Gerbera daisies: These cheerleaders of the flower community have many meanings, all leading to happiness and cheerfulness. 


Asiatic Lily

Sunny Sorbet Bouquet

Blossom of Joy Bouquet

Now that you’ve chosen a perfect bouquet, make sure that you talk to the hospital before scheduling delivery. Check to see if they have preferred delivery times as well as which floors and units can receive flowers. Make sure you convey this information to your florist along with the medical center’s full name and address. Include your patient’s full name and room number, too. From there, the floral designers at Gordon Boswell Flowers will be happy to create, design and deliver your beautiful flowers to your loved ones.

For sample Get Well messages to include with your flowers, or tips on how to write the perfect Get Well message, visit our Card Messaging page.