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Gordon Boswell

Posted by gordonboswell on November 24, 2014 | Last Updated: October 6, 2020 Flowers

Flowers for Thanksgiving

Welcome your friends and family this year to a Thanksgiving feast filled with beautiful flowers, stunning centerpieces, and a table that looks like it was set for royalty. Flowers infuse any Thanksgiving celebration with life and vitality.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Tips

Did you know that the shape of your table dictates the best shape for your centerpiece? Traditional Thanksgiving arrangements like a fall cornucopia are lovely on any table with the warm autumn glow of orange and yellow flowers. However, you’ll want to consider a round arrangement if your guests are sitting at a square table.

Alternatively, if your table is round, you’ll want to consider a square arrangement, and if your table is a rectangle, you’ll want to think about an oblong centerpiece. Although these shapes aren’t set in stone, they do help create a table that looks like it was attended to by a professional.

Making Sure Your Guests can See

You’ll want to take a seat at your table when designing your feast to make sure that the flowers, candles, or harvest baskets don’t obscure the view your guests have of one another. Interestingly, guests attending a dinner party a century ago would have spoken only to the guests at their right or left.


However, that tradition isn’t one normally practiced in today’s casual Thanksgiving gatherings, so setting a table with centerpieces that aren’t too tall is an essential part of smart table décor. If you want to feature tall candles with your holiday arrangements, consider placing them along the wall on a sideboard or choosing short floating candles that won’t obstruct the view on the table.

Non-Traditional Celebrations

Serving turkey and stuffing during a Thanksgiving feast is very common, but there’s no reason your celebration has to be traditional. Spice things up and create a buffet of delicious foods for your guests, punctuated by lovely arrangements like daisies and chrysanthemums in a country pumpkin.

Perhaps you’re looking for a little elegance in your Thanksgiving gathering and want some flowers that will accommodate a fancy-dress affair. You might consider a vase of delicate orchids with dianthus and hydrangea.

No matter what style of Thanksgiving celebration you create for your guests this year, don’t forget to make it a beautiful event with autumn flowers and lovely centerpieces.