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Fort Worth Wedding & Anniversary Flowers

Fort Worth wedding

June is the National wedding month, as experts tell us that more couples choose this time to get married than any other. There are many theories as to why this is so, but we just love the fact that it gives us the opportunity to talk about Fort Worth weddings  – no matter what month you have chosen for your day!  At Gordon Boswell Flowers, we are here to help you plan, from the most gorgeous bridal bouquets to the most striking venue decor.

Mark Your Calendars: Behind June, the most popular months for weddings are May, September, and October – with January and February coming in at the end of the list. Ironically, each of these months includes one of the most popular wedding days chosen each year – New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day – but those two days are not enough to allow them to move up in ranking. Fort Worth Wedding

If you are looking for flowers for your Fort Worth wedding – look no further. We have plenty of ideas and inspiration for you – you can check out the galleries on our wedding site or browse our Pinterest boards. When you are ready, stop by and ask to set up an appointment with one of our wedding planners – and you’ll be on your way!

With so many weddings happening in June, the subsequent anniversaries are inevitable. When choosing anniversary flowers to give to your sweetheart, the are several ways you can make the gift more meaningful.

  • There are customary flowers for each anniversary (carnations for your first anniversary, daisies for your 5th, and roses for your 15th) If you’d like to follow this tradition, just let us know which anniversary you are celebrating, and we’ll do the rest!
  • If you have photos of your wedding flowers, we can create a custom design that is either a replica of her bouquet or a reimagining of the flowers she used on that special day.
  • You can never go wrong by creating a bouquet overflowing with her favorite flowers or color scheme.

Fort Worth weddingJune is National Wedding Month, and it is a month brimming with romance. Whether you are asking her to marry you, planning a Fort Worth wedding, or remembering that special day, you can trust the professionals at Gordon Boswell Flowers to deliver the love.