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Graceful Gifts for the Host

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

Your answer may fall somewhere between “not remotely” and “absolutely,” and if so, you wouldn’t be alone. There is so much planning, preparing and execution to be done if you’re hosting Turkey Day in your home that it’s tough to feel completely prepared. But what if you’ve been graciously invited into someone else’s home for the big day? If that’s the case, we here at Gordon Boswell Flowers encourage you to remember one of your most important duties as a Thanksgiving guest: the host gift.

Offering your friends or family a lovely gift in thanks for their generosity is a customary practice that spans the globe. In the U.S., one of our most traditional host or hostess gifts is flowers. We love the idea of bringing a stunning bouquet along with your stuffing or green bean casserole, and what we have in mind is something like this:

Fanciful, Fall-hued flowers set in one of our Coton Colors containers are not only fresh and gorgeous, but the container piece is a lasting gift. It can be brought out on future Thanksgivings and revived with so many more years’ worth of flowers.

Custom arrangements like these have that just-gathered look, with the added polish of being in a modern, one-of-a-kind container. There is no host or hostess who wouldn’t thrill to receive such a striking, lush array of blooms, but it’s the Coton Colors piece that really elevates your host gift game here.

Allow us at Gordon Boswell Flowers to introduce you to this stunning line of containers and tableware. We can create a gorgeous custom design for you to offer your host this Thanksgiving, though you may be tempted to keep it for your self.