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Posted by gordonboswell on January 14, 2015 | Last Updated: January 15, 2015 Weddings

Planning a Red Themed Wedding

Wedding Flowers Fort Worth, TX If you’re planning a January wedding, there are several seasonal colors to choose from like white, off-white or blue. At Gordon Boswell Flowers, our favorite is the red themed wedding. Choose bright, fiery reds to warm up your winter wedding or go with deep, dramatic shades of wine or burgundy. If you’re looking for some fabulous red wedding ideas, let us show you some of our favorite trends!


Ideas for the Ceremony


There are many ways to add red to your ceremony, from the runner and the flowers to the wardrobe. If you really want red to take center stage, however, it’s all about the altar decorations. For example, you can create an archway at the altar to frame the bride and groom. Red balloons tied to a black wire frame makes a fun, festive atmosphere, while an archway made from woven branches with red berries helps you stick to a more formal, traditional theme.


If you want to create something truly memorable, consider going with a canopy rather than a simple archway. For something simple yet chic, drape the canopy in black or white fabric and use red ribbons as an accent or to tie back the drapes. Gold drapes with red accents have a rich, luxurious look, while a canopy done entirely in red adds warmth and style to your ceremony. Complete the sophisticated look of a canopy with a pair of tall, slim vases filled with red roses.


Ideas for the Reception

Wedding Flowers Fort Worth, TX

At the reception, you’re free to take the red theme in any number of directions. Red tablecloths and seat covers are a great way to add even more romance to the occasion, but that’s only one way to add red into your decorations. You could instead choose black or white tablecloths and seat covers, using red in the table runner, for the napkins and in the ribbons that tie back the seat covers.


For the guests’ tables, you’ll definitely want to add red to the centerpieces. Flowers – like red amaryllis, gerbera daisies and roses – are an easy way to do this, but it’s not the only option. You could instead choose to fill tall, slender glass vases with berries or decorative beads, or you could use red candles. Float red tea light candles in tall containers, or use candles shaped like flowers in small bowls to create an atmosphere of warmth and romance.


Red is the color of January, which makes it the perfect theme for your wedding. If you need more ideas and inspiration, check out our website. Gordon Boswell Flowers loves to bring you the latest and greatest wedding tips and trends!