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Romance Month Floral Bouquets

National Romance Month is here, which means it’s time to take a break from the mundane routine and get inspired to show some affection to your sweetheart. If you’re a true romantic at heart, this is just one more reason to get creative and shower your spouse or partner with affection. Need a few ideas to sweep them off their feet? The floral specialists at Gordon Boswell Florist are sharing a few fun facts about love and romance, including the five most romantic flowers perfect for honoring Romance Month this August.

Courting Rituals Around the World: In Australia, singles spend more time in large groups, thereby getting to know one another in a safe, judgment-free situation. Even when a couple becomes exclusive, they tend to continue spending time together with their group of friends. Therefore, friends and their input remain an integral part of a couple’s relationship all the way up to marriage. In Paris, singles also seem to prefer running in groups. Individuals often rely on their friends to introduce them to a potential suitor.  Not so in Italy, where romance is a high priority. Dates with a boyfriend or girlfriend typically include evening walks throughout the city. The Czech Republic is full of smaller villages that do not often contain a wide pool of dating possibilities, so many people in these regions opt for online dating as a means of meeting a mate.

Online Dating: Here in the U.S., it is estimated that 35 million singles have turned to online dating sites or dating apps to look for love online. Approximately 32% of online dating profiles belong to men, while 28% belong to women. In terms of success rates, approximately 17% of couples attribute their strong romantic relationships to online dating.

A Cozy Cup of Coffee: While there are infinite date ideas and ways to connect with others, enjoying a cup of coffee as a first date leads to about 10,000 marriages per year.

Romantically Symbolic Blooms: The five most romantic flowers include daisies, sunflowers, orchids, lilies, and of course, roses.

  • Daisies are a sweet symbol of innocent and young love in addition to true love.
  • Sunflowers are an uplifting bloom that radiates positivity, joy, and happiness in addition to adoration, loyalty, and love.
  • Orchids represent luxurious, refined love and romance thanks to the meaning they adopted during the Victorian Era.
  • Lilies, especially red lilies, are connected to romance, passion, love, and longing, making them perfect for long-distance relationships.
  • Roses are the ultimate symbol of love and romance! These popular and timeless flowers are also linked to passion, desire, respect, and fascination.

We “Love” Living in Texas: There are 19 cities in the United States whose names were inspired by romance, and three of them are here in Texas – Valentine, Lovelady, and Loving County.

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Our beautiful Turn Up The Pink arrangement, featured above, is guaranteed to turn up the heat, offering stargazer lilies coupled with light and dark pink roses – classic ambassadors of romance. Purple Love, shown below, is a colorful expression of devotion and affection.

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Stoke the fires of romance in your relationship this month by sending romantic flowers or thoughtful gifts. Talk to the design experts at Gordon Boswell Florist about a custom arrangement that’s perfect for your one true love. And don’t forget- we deliver to businesses and residents throughout the entire Fort Worth area. Give us a call or visit today!

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