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Surprise Them with Violets this February

Surprise Them with Violets this FebruaryWhile flowers are available in a variety of huge blooms and bright colors, sometimes a more understated approach is called for. The delicate, beautiful violet can make as much of a statement as a big, bright bouquet, but with more grace, ease and elegance.

The violet has roots and symbolism dating back to ancient Rome and Greece. The Romans used it to make wine, while the Greeks and other cultures saw its essence as an aphrodisiac, perfume and love potion. Some ancient cultures attributed healing qualities to the violet, using it to address issues with the heart both literal and metaphoric; violet was believed to help mend both heart disease and the broken hearts of lovers.

Rich Symbolic Meanings and Significance

The meaning and symbolism of the violet is rich and descriptive as well; violet is associated with humility and faithfulness. White violets can connote innocence and new beginnings. If you see purple violets in your dreams, this could mean that good fortune is on its way, or that your future partner will be younger than you. Violets can also signify remembrance and resurrection, and they are a harbinger of hope after a loss.

In modern times, violet has been adopted as the state flower for four U.S. states: Illinois, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Wisconsin. It is also the national flower of the country of Greece. The violet also happens to be the birth flower for the month of February, so if you know anyone with a February birthday, giving them violets as a gift can be a timely and thoughtful choice.

The African Violet

With deep purple flowers and rich, velvety green leaves, the African violet is a popular gift choice and one of the most popularĀ flowering plants in U.S. households. It requires only moderate care and should be watered just enough to keep the soil moist, never soggy. The African violet does well in low to moderate lighting conditions, and trimming spent flowers allows new ones to bloom in their place.

Garden basket Ideas by Gordon Boswell Florist

Garden basket

Mixed Flower Gardens

Another excellent way to gift someone with the violet is within a mixed flower garden, dish garden or basket. Violets “play well” with other flowers and their small but impactful color makes them a wonderful accent flower. A Garden Basket combines a variety of beautiful spring blooms and is sure to delight the recipient.

Whether you know someone with a February birthday or are just looking for a subtle, classy gift idea, violets are the perfect choice. Contact Gordon Boswell for more information or to place a flower order.