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Posted by gordonboswell on September 3, 2017 | Last Updated: November 3, 2020 Homecoming

Texas Mums for Homecoming Weekend

Across the country, homecoming celebrations can get pretty wild – from pep rallies to bonfires, football rivalries, and parades. But Texas is home to perhaps the most elaborate and over-the-top homecoming tradition, that of Texas mums. While the rest of the country is choosing elegant corsages and suave boutonnieres, Fort Worth students will be designing – or paying for someone to create – the most impressive mum they can muster. And though a way of life here, the tradition is rarely seen anyplace else (although Oklahoma is beginning to catch on).

For those of you new to the state, here is a quick synopsis of this Texas-sized tradition:

  • The first homecoming mums were real and therefore, normal sized, often decorated with ribbons.
  • Because they are fall flowers, they were an obvious choice for the autumn formal dance.
  • No one is really sure why the mums began to get so elaborate and huge, except perhaps the fact that Texas
    takes every opportunity to do things bigger!
  • Mums are no longer real, as they have grown to impressive size and girth. Silk versions are the most popular.
  • Designers and professional mum makers add ribbons, baubles, stuffed animals, and even LED lights.
  • Although new freshmen are eager to get their first mum, it is frowned upon to get too elaborate early on, with the
    tradition dictating that the mum “grow” every year. Freshmen and sophomores will normally decorate with school
    colors, juniors will add silver ribbons and lettering, and gold decorations are reserved for seniors.
  • A young lady’s date also gets a version of the mum, called a garter and worn around his upper arm. Like a
    boutonniere, the garter is a smaller version of the corsage or mum, similar in design.

We love that Texas has a tradition all their own for homecoming!

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