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Posted by gordonboswell on May 11, 2017 | Last Updated: October 8, 2020 Flowers Spring

Tropical Flowers for Spring

tropical flowers

There is something about these months that just make us want to celebrate – looking at the last few weeks of spring, and anticipating the arrival of summer in Fort Worth, days seem a little more carefree. One of the ways we celebrate the season here at Gordon Boswell Flowers is with vibrant and exotic tropical flowers. You can’t help but feel a little happier when you see these arrangements showcasing these unique floral elements. They are perfect to brighten up your home or to send good wishes to someone you love.  Browse our collection of tropical flowers for spring, or give us a call – after all, everyone could use a little bit of paradise delivered to their door. tropical flowers

No tropical arrangement is truly complete without the iconic bird-of-paradise.  It is one of the most recognized tropical plants, with bright orange sepals and purple petals emerging from a long stalk, causing it to look like a colorful bird with long feathers. This striking flower is the official flower of Los Angeles, where nearly all of the plants in the United States are grown.

There are four main types of orchids used in tropical floral arrangements – the dendrobium, the mokara (shown above in purple), the butterfly-shaped phalaenopsis, and the exotic cymbidium. Red ginger and pincushion protea (also showcased above) are prevalent in these types of designs. The large, waxy red bracts of the anthurium and the multiple deep reddish-orange spikes of the vibrant heliconia are featured in the arrangement below.

tropical flowersTo find the most beautiful tropical flowers for spring – or any floral arrangement that you may need – simply look to Gordon Boswell Flowers. You can trust us to provide you with the most exquisite designs available in Fort Worth.