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Gordon Boswell

Posted by gordonboswell on January 29, 2018 | Last Updated: December 29, 2020 Flowers Roses Valentine's Day

A Valentine’s Gift That’s A Cut Above The Rest

This Valentine’s Day, get yourself some roses that go a step beyond the usual in both color and container, and jazz up February 14th for someone special.

We tend to think of our romantic roses in one way only – a dozen long red stems rocketing from a simple vase – but there’s so much more variety in the floral landscape than that. V-Day roses, like so many things, have become modernized, and we here at Gordon Boswell are right in line with that trend.

One way that we keep things exciting is through our Coton Colors line, and when we combine some gorgeous, sunset-hued roses with this type of custom-looking container, the effect is beyond romantic. Our Coton Colors Simply Roses shows just how much you don’t need long-stemmed red roses to make someone feel special and loved (though red roses are great, too, and we’d never say otherwise).

The simple fact is, we get more than one arrangement for Valentine’s Day because we have lots of people to whom we want to extend our love and affection. It’s important to remember that flowers are as varied as our feelings, and no one bloom has the market cornered on expressing romance.