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Gordon Boswell

Posted by gordonboswell on October 27, 2017 | Last Updated: July 29, 2020 Veterans Day

Veterans Day Flowers for Heroes


Veterans Day is an especially important day here in Fort Worth because we have so many brave former U.S. military in our community, among them survivors of Pearl Harbor and others who served in WWII. We have many to honor and to thank, which is why Fort Worth’s parades and observations are so important to attend.

It’s equally meaningful to extend our gratitude through the gift of flowers, and here at Gordon Boswell, we’re invested in helping you do just that.¬†

Many of us are across the country from the vets who are most near and dear to our hearts, and that’s where flowers can really bridge the gap. Red roses, while often reserved for romantic sentiments, are a powerful way to show how much you love someone who in turn loves his or her country so much. And when they’re buffeted by white hydrangea, as with our Shimmering Elegance¬†arrangement, you’ve just pulled in two colors of the flag without looking too 4th of July about it.

red and white floral arrangement with roses & hyrdangeas


For a more modest but no less lovely statement, our White Lily Bowl will convey your appreciation and has the added benefit of being reminiscent of the stars on the American flag. This can be placed on the dining room table, on a bedroom dresser or in the kitchen, and never look out of place.


We at Gordon Boswell wish to thank the many veterans in our community and would be honored to help you acknowledge your heroes with flowers.