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4 Ways To Enjoy Grands on Grandparents Day

This month, on the first Sunday following Labor Day, it’s time to celebrate Grandparents Day. This is a wonderful time for children and grandparents to learn more about each other and enjoy each other’s company, honor grandparents and show their gratitude and respect. Have children send a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a gorgeous gift or lovely long-lasting dish garden to grandparents. The professionals at Gordon Boswell Flowers are happy to deliver your chosen design to any residence, hospital, nursing home, senior community or assisted living facility throughout the Fort Worth area. For great ideas about how to enjoy Grands on Grandparents Day, talk to our designers or take a look at some of the ideas we listed here.

Send Favorite Blooms

Show grandparents what they mean to you with Daisies and Sunbeams. This delightful array of peach and yellow flowers in a sparkling glass vase will delight grandparents to no end. The fragrant yellow lilies alone will make spirits soar. Accompanied by peach and yellow roses and white daisies, this sunny piece makes a cheerful display. 

For a sophisticated presentation, our Exotic Orchid Plant says it all. Stunning is the word that best describes this premium Phalaenopsis orchid. Phalaenopsis comes with up to nine large blooms displaying beautiful yellow centers. Phalaenopsis blooms are known to last up to two months!



For a tasty treat, send grandparents our Tutti Frutti Gift Box, a wonderfully scrumptious gift box filled with fruits, nuts and a keepsake tea towel.


Game Night

Organize a game night in which grandparents teach grandchildren their favorite card game then let kids show off their newest board games to grandparents. Kids and grandparents will both love learning from one another and enjoying an evening together.

Photo Session 

Organize a photo session for grandparents and grandchildren with a professional photographer. The kids and grandparents will love spending the day together and the pictures will be a keepsake forever.

Cooking Day 

Let children and grandparents get together in the kitchen and cook a family meal together. Step out of their way and maybe Grandpa will divulge the secret ingredient in his famous chili to the grandkids.

Whether you send flowers or plants, play a game or cook a meal, make sure that you let grandparents know how treasured they are in your family on Grandparents Day. For more great ideas about how to enjoy Grands on Grandparents Day or to choose a special floral design, talk to the designers at Gordon Boswell Flowers. We’re happy to help you make the most of this Grandparents Day.