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Posted by gordonboswell on November 26, 2016 | Last Updated: November 6, 2020 Christmas

Custom Wreaths for Christmas

The Christmas wreath is one of our most symbolic and traditional pieces of holiday decor.  Whether hanging on the front door or over a fireplace, the wreath adds ambiance and charm to any seasonal setting. At Gordon Boswell Flowers, our designers have been hard at work creating custom wreaths Рas well as beautiful holiday florals and poinsettias Рfor you to spruce up your home or office with aromatic Christmas festivity.

Where Did the Tradition of the Wreath Come From?

custom wreathsAncient people groups believed that elements of nature had spirits and powers. Evergreen trees, thought to have protective qualities due to their resilience, were used to make wreaths they believed absorbed the sunlight during short winter days, allowing the eventual spring thaw. Early Romans gave evergreen branches shaped into wreaths to represent health and victory.

The evergreen wreath’s circular shape represented unity, perfection, and eternal life to early Christians. Drawing in part from the Roman significance, wreaths were thought to signify Christ’s victory over death.

Centuries later, a wreath displayed on the door or a window of a home was considered an invitation to the spirit of Christmas to come in and bestow good luck. However, in modern times, the wreath is purely decorative, and the many variations and creative interpretations of the wreath are a festive holiday tradition.  Although some people choose the artificial variety, purists know that nothing beats the amazing fragrance of a fresh cedar or douglas fir evergreen wreath.

The professionals at Gordon Boswell Flowers utilize berries, pinecones, greenery, vibrant ribbons and ornaments to adorn our handcrafted creations. If you have a special place of honor waiting for just the right Christmas decor, we recommend a custom wreath. Come in today and speak with us as to the perfect wreath for your home’s style – we believe that it will become a new tradition. To all of our friends and neighbors across Fort Worth, we wish you the happiest of holidays.