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Posted by gordonboswell on October 22, 2019 | Last Updated: October 6, 2020 Fall Floral Design Flowers Plants

Design a Fall-Worthy Front Porch

When decorating for a new season, don’t forget to include your front porch. The beauty and style you showcase on your front porch will be a great inspiration to others and an inviting welcome to guests. You’ll feel renewed and refreshed as you go into the new season. The floral designers at Gordon Boswell Flowers have some great tips and ideas about how to decorate your front porch for fall. Try out a few on your porch for a festive fall season. We want to help you make the most of fall this year.

Why You Should Indulge in a Few Fall Flowers

Pumpkins and Mums

Not only is decorating your front porch for the season a nice way to make your home look pretty, it’s also an important practice in embracing seasonal change and preparing for what’s to come. Here are another few reasons we feel fall decorating is purposeful and important:

  • Enhance your entrance: As guests, friends and family come to your home, they will enter through the front porch and front door. Welcome them before they even knock with beautiful fall flowers and accents. Warm marigolds, bright sunflowers, and lush lavender are great ways to dress up your front porch with a fresh new feel.
  • Inspire your neighbors: Once your neighbors see your front porch, they might want to try their hand at decorating their own! Create a neighborhood buzz with the look of your fall designs and share some inspiration as you get to know your neighbors.
  • Welcome the holidays: When we see fall decorations we know the holidays are right around the corner. Build anticipation for the upcoming holidays by designing gorgeous fall flowers and accents on your front porch.
  • Enjoy a quick makeover: Gorgeous fall color is a great way to quickly give your home and makeover without spending thousands of dollars on painting or remodeling. Beautiful crotons or other plants add fall color quickly and easily to your front porch for a fun seasonal update.

Include Festive Vessels to Hold You Fall Favorites

Wooden Buckets

The containers you choose to place your flowers in will be a great way to showcase your fall style. Here are a few excellent choices to make your fall flowers pop:

  • Watering can: Place sunflowers or stalks of other flowers inside watering cans to create a harvest-fresh look.
  • Baskets: Choose baskets for floral displays to give a soft natural appearance to your chrysanthemums, marigolds or carnations.
  • Wooden Crates: Choose a few old apple cart crates to stand on end for a great tabletop or stack for a multi-dimensional appearance. Shifting eye-levels will be a great way to play with height as well as color.
  • Hay Bales: A few fresh hay bales make excellent pedestals for pumpkins or baskets full of fresh seasonal flowers. Display our gorgeous Fall Mum Plant atop a fresh bale of hay for a bright pop of color.

Be Inspired to Get Creative

Decorative Fall Ribbons

Design a few unexpected items to create a unique fall look on your front porch. When you mix a few of these ideas with traditional fall accents, the result will be something everyone is talking about.

  • Hanging plants: Hang fall plants or ferns along the eaves of your front porch to draw the eye to the height and width of your porch for a creative frame to your design.
  • Garland: A lush, green garland framing your front door creates a rustic cottage look that can add tons of texture to your porch.
  • Painted Pumpkins: Instead of carving your pumpkins, consider painting them instead! Use a matching color scheme to tie together the colors of your porch’s fall flowers with other decorative accents. You can even use your painted pumpkin as a container for blooming fall plants like our Kalanchoe to add lush fall foliage.
  • Textiles & Fabrics: Choose wool or flannel blankets to drape over the backs of chairs, add a few warm-toned throw pillows, and a matching floor mat that brings a cozy look to your porch.

However you choose to design you front porch, make sure it’s warm and inviting for the fall season. With a few quick and easy updates, you’ll be curling up with your pumpkin spice latte in no time. For more great porch decorating ideas, talk to the floral experts at Gordon Boswell Flowers. We’re here to offer tips, ideas and inspiration so you can make the most of your fall season.