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The Top Flowers to Celebrate International Women’s Day

Every March 8, International Women’s Day provides a platform to champion women’s causes and highlight crucial issues. It’s a moment to celebrate the women who’ve trailblazed the way for your aspirations and acknowledge the community that has molded you. The official colors of this significant occasion are green (symbolizing hope), purple (representing dignity, justice, and loyalty to the cause), and white (indicating purity). Show your appreciation by sending floral arrangements in these shades to the allies and women who have inspired your journey, even when it was tough. At Gordon Boswell in Fort Worth, Texas, we’re excited to help you honor IWD with sincere gratitude and beautiful blooms.


Roses, with their timeless and universal appeal, speak to the hearts of people worldwide and across diverse cultures. They carry the profound symbolism of love in all its facets. Elevate your gesture by selecting roses in the hues associated with International Women’s Day, or let color symbolism communicate an empowering and custom sentiment to your recipient. For instance, yellow roses symbolize friendship and joyfulness, while pink roses convey admiration and gratitude — sentiments that resonate beautifully with this occasion. Whichever option you select, roses provide a fitting tribute to the phenomenal people you’re honoring on IWD.


International Women’s Day arrives as winter nears its end, heralding spring in many regions. Tulips, known for being colorful spring flowers, represent renewal and the beginning of this new season. Offering a bright arrangement of tulips to someone you respect and admire is a way to commemorate their achievements; it also shows your anticipation of positive changes while expressing thanks for their enduring influence on your successes. The assortment of tulip varieties allows for creative customization, making them versatile for expressing the perfect sentiment on IWD.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are joy ambassadors, adding splashes of lively colors to all kinds of floral bouquets. Their large, cheerful blossoms have an inherent ability to bring joy to anyone who receives them. With their unique charm, Gerbera daisies are not just ordinary flowers; they symbolize the beauty that arises from compassion, determination, and strength. Presenting these flowers on International Women’s Day is a thoughtful gesture, spreading good vibes while acknowledging accomplishments. Gerbera daisies are also representatives of purity, rendering them a meaningful selection as we honor the pure intentions of the women and supporters we salute on IWD.


Full-blooming peonies bring love, honor, and deep compassion into flower arrangements on International Women’s Day. Compared to other kinds of cut blooms, their relatively lengthy vase life serves as a metaphor for women’s enduring resilience and determination. Presenting peonies is a gesture of sincere admiration for the significant influence of women and those who stand by them in many spheres. Additionally, peonies are representatives of prosperity, inviting positive outcomes, happiness, and successes for their fortunate recipients.


Orchids have exceptional versatility in meaning, shape, and color, based on your bloom selection. This flexibility lets you create an abundance of heartfelt messages, making orchids great for sharing sentiments on a variety of occasions. With their modern and sophisticated look, these tropical beauties resonate with a wide selection of folks, including women and their allies. Gifting orchids on International Women’s Day represents a contemporary and fashionable approach to expressing admiration and thankfulness towards those who have cleared the way for all women.

Mimosa Flower

The blooms of International Women’s Day are mimosa flowers, also named silver wattle, which embody strength, sensitivity, and sensibility. Consider incorporating fresh and vibrant yellow daisies to bring a similar radiance and vitality to your arrangements for the occasion. Pair the statement flowers with springtime greenery and accent blooms like goldenrod, wax flower, gold aster, and yellow alstroemeria to create a full and lush display. Or make yellow chrysanthemums the star — symbols of friendship, trust, and joy — for a similar sunshine-filled impact.

At Gordon Boswell, we know that giving flowers on International Women’s Day is a meaningful and heartfelt gesture. It’s a powerful way to say, “I see you, I appreciate you, and I stand with you.” Such a fresh gift speaks volumes, offering a powerful affirmation of support and acknowledgment.

Flowers to Honor International Women's Day