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Fun and Creative Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

On the Fourth of July, we wave the American flag to commemorate our nation’s Independence and freedom that was achieved in 1776. In addition to traditional backyard cookouts with neighbors and loved ones, celebrating Independence Day is done in a myriad of ways that allow us to show our patriotism. Here at Gordon Boswell, Fort Worth’s favorite florist, we are talking about some of our favorite ways to celebrate America and honor those who have made our country one of the best. 

7 Ways to Show Your Patriotism


Rounding up friends and family for a day of fun and celebration is something many of us do to celebrate all sorts of holidays. The Fourth of July is one of those holidays where you can go all out on food, games, and red, white, and blue decor and flowers. Festive gatherings remind us of our freedom and patriotism while we enjoy quality time with loved ones making precious memories.

Attend a Patriotic Parade

Who doesn’t love a good parade?! The streets are full of people setting up chairs and blankets, snacking on treats, and waving small American flags while enjoying an Independence Day parade. Honoring our military, veterans, and soldiers who have shaped our nation in this way is truly magnificent.

Support a Veteran

Without our veterans, the Fourth of July and American history would look a lot different. To support a veteran and honor the spirit of Independence Day, contact your local VA and see how you can donate your time or services. You can also send veterans handwritten cards or gifts like fresh flowers to show your support, gratitude, and patriotism.

Fly the Stars and Stripes

Waving the American flag at parades is a sure way to make it known how proud you are to be an American. Many people also like to fly the flag at their homes, especially for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day. When doing so, be sure you are following the rules so as not to disrespect the colors or our country.

Visit a National Park or Historic Landmark

Whether you are a history buff or feel a sense of pride while learning about those who have shaped and molded the nation, take a trip to a famous landmark, monument, or national park this Independence Day. With so much to see and explore around the country, chances are you aren’t too far from one of these stunning locations.

Shop Local & Buy American

There are all kinds of ways to support your country, including buying items made in America or from small businesses and local shops. While a few purchases here and there may not seem like much, they can cause a glorious ripple effect and make a large impact on our nation’s economy.

Display Patriotic Blooms

Flowers are a lovely and beautiful way to celebrate any occasion. For the Fourth of July, display alluring red, white, and blue blooms on your front porch, in your flower beds, or on the table in your home. You can also share fabulous patriotic flowers with loved ones, party hosts, and veterans. It is also a sweet sentiment to place flowers on a soldier’s grave to show gratitude for their service. Other than the obvious trio of colors, consider these symbolic blooms: 

  • Rose – America’s national flower
  • Freesias – these flowy and beautiful blooms symbolize freedom
  • Edelweiss – charming white flowers shaped like stars that signify strength and courage
  • Guernsey Lilies – unique flowers that resemble fireworks and represent freedom and good fortune
  • Black-Eyed Susans – these bright yellow star-burst-like blooms with a striking dark round center symbolize justice.

Honoring our country this Independence Day and every day is fun, easy, and exciting. For unique patriotic floral designs or arrangements for any occasion, Gordon Boswell is here with the best, creative, and fresh flowers.

Download Our Patriotic Wallpaper

Show off your patriotism and spruce up your mobile device with our fun flower wallpaper to celebrate Independence Day! You can also add a convenient July calendar to your computer when you download our red, white, and blue wallpaper for desktop. Feel the nostalgia of summer and admire alluring blooms anytime you glance at your screen.
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7 ways to show patriotism