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Posted by gordonboswell on November 17, 2019 | Last Updated: November 20, 2019 Flowers

Our Experts’ 5 Favorite Flowers

Flowers say a lot about who we are. The flowers we love most reflect our personalities and give us insight into how others see us, as well. If you don’t yet have a favorite flower, we highly recommend exploring different types of flowers until you find one that simply speaks to you. Choosing flowers for friends and loved ones can take on a whole new meaning when you discover their favorite flowers and what those mean. 

The floral designers at Gordon Boswell Flowers love all of our flowers, but we do have our favorites. We love some flowers for their amazing fragrance, some for their colorful beauty, and some for how well they work in our designs. If you haven’t found a favorite flower yet, take a look at some of ours- maybe they’ll become yours, as well.

Orange Roses

We love roses because they’re so easy to work with and never go out of style. Plus, with so many varieties, the meanings conveyed with roses are as numerous as their varieties. For example, red roses are a classic sign of love and affection, while white represents purity and yellow friendship. We especially love orange roses, like those in our Rambling Roses bouquet, because they add a bright element to fall designs. If roses are your favorite flower, your passion and love for tradition causes you to seek the best in others and even bring it out in them. 

Rambling Roses Bouquet


We love lilies for their bold variety of colors and types that can be featured in both small and large floral designs. With year-round availability and certain varieties presenting an unforgettable fragrance, lilies make an excellent addition to any arrangement. Traditionally  included in wedding bouquets or funeral displays, lilies can also be a great gift for someone who is well-respected by their peers and who achieves their goals. A beautiful feminine flower that also comes in a variety of styles, lilies like those in our Warm Nights bouquet represent kindness, respectfulness, and hard work. 

Warm Nights Bouquet


Bright and cheery, sunflowers are a favorite for their bright color and hint of sunshine. With large, open faces filled with brown, white or green centers surrounded by layers of smooth yellow petals, sunflowers are the life of the party, just like the people who admire them. We love spreading the cheer, as well, so these blooms, like we use in our Fun in the Sun bouquet, communicate our optimism and adoration for our customers. Send sunflowers to brighten anyone’s day, or place them throughout your home for a happy pick-me-up. 

Fun in the Sun Bouquet


Our very favorites, tulips are one of the first signs of spring! These delightful blooms announce spring and add cheery color to any room. We also find tulip lovers to be sweet people who easily adapt to change and love travelling. These smooth, bell-shaped blooms on smooth, thick green stems bring a distinct air of springtime to any bouquet. Tulips are as versatile as the many colors in which you can find these delightful blooms. Choose a tulip-filled bouquet like our Isabella design to send to your favorite tulip lover. 

Isabella Bouquet

We’re thankful for so many different varieties of flowers, for plenty of different reasons. Certain styles, colors, and textures can evoke all sorts of emotions, memories and sentimentality. Find the beauty in your favorite flower and discover a little bit more about yourself, as well. To learn more about your favorite flowers and ours, talk to the floral experts at Gordon Boswell Flowers. We’re here to introduce you to new varieties and re-acquaint you with old favorites.