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Posted by gordonboswell on October 22, 2018 | Last Updated: October 6, 2020 Fall Flowers

The Unique Textures Of Fall

A beautiful autumn decor in your home or office this season is as simple as expecting the unexpected. Bring unique colors, shapes and designs into focus that blend beautifully with seasonal favorites for a stunning look like you’ve never seen. The design professionals at Gordon Boswell Flowers have some great ideas for adding a little something extra to your decor this season.

  • Try mixing textures and fragrances for a delightfully fresh look and aroma in your home. Cinnamon sticks in a gorgeous floral arrangement, apples carved into candle votives, and clove-pierced oranges as a centerpiece all evoke the fragrances of fall while creating a stunning visual effect.
  • Give you autumn color palette an update by grouping like shades together for a modern, stylish monochromatic look. An all-rust centerpiece or a fully-burgundy mantle will shine brightly and highlight the multiple textures found in your display.

Gorgeous fall color and bold textures come together in our Harvest Home design.  Featuring sunflowers, yarrow, roses, mums, safflowers, and bittersweet, this piece brings the feeling of a fall harvest to you in one unique design.

For more ideas and advice on fall decor, talk to the floral experts at Gordon Boswell Flowers. Tell us about your seasonal decorating goals and let us work with you to create the most stunning design possible.