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Why Give Roses for June

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 2.59.41 PMEach month of the year features a variety of official symbols like gemstones, flowers, astrological signs, and even animals. For your friends and loved ones who have a birthday in June, you’ll want to get roses from Gordon Boswell since they’re the official flower of June.

Popular and Beautiful June Roses

Did you know there are more than 150 different species of roses? Although red tends to be the most popular color, they’ve been cultivated in a rainbow of different hues over the centuries. Any shade of rose is appropriate for a June birthday.

If your wife or significant other has a birthday in June, red roses are a perfect fit, but there are so many colors out there that you should be able to find a meaningful and colorful vase of roses for just about anyone.


Colorful Rainbow Roses

History suggests that it was the ancient Romans who first started celebrating birthdays by using flowers. For centuries, flowers were used mainly as decorations, but the Romans got creative and began offering them as gifts.

In ancient Rome, it was pretty difficult to find flowers if they weren’t in season, so the flowers chosen for each season were the ones that were in bloom that month. Lucky people with a birthday in June got roses as their official flower.

Neat Facts About Roses

One of the fascinating features of the rose is its thorns. When you purchase roses from a flower shop, all the thorns have been removed, but if you’ve ever touched a rose bush in a garden, you’ve probably seen the prickly thorns sticking out from the stems.


Dozen Pink Roses

Cultivators have managed to create thorn-free roses, but scientists aren’t in total agreement as to why roses developed thorns in the first place. Some scientists have said the thorns are for protection; however, some roses with hook-shaped thorns actually have them to facilitate climbing!

Isn’t it fascinating that a flower with such a deadly feature has become the ultimate symbol of love?

When you choose to give elegant roses as your birthday gift, you don’t have to wander around the store for hours, wondering what to buy. Flowers are easy, beautiful, and fun to give! If you have a friend with a June birthday, order a stem, vase, or bouquet of roses to celebrate.