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Bring A Bit Of Summer To Your Teacher’s Desk

Every year, at the close of summer, as students enjoy the last few days of freedom and sunshine, teachers are already hard at work preparing for the coming school year. Classrooms are cleaned, arranged and decorated, lesson plans are written, and many meetings are attended. By the time your student arrives in their new teacher’s classroom for back-to-school night, much work has already been accomplished. Gordon Boswell suggests this is a great time to appear with a bouquet of flowers or a great gift to show your appreciation. Read More about Bring A Bit Of Summer To Your Teacher’s Desk »
Posted by gordonboswell on July 30, 2018 Back to School Flowers Summer

Tahiti On Your Table

Every once in a while, we all need a little break from the day-to-day routine. Getting away for a few days can truly clear the mind and revive the soul. And sometimes we need that break but don’t really see it happening in the near future. When you need an escape but vacation seems too far away, Gordon Boswell recommends a bouquet of the freshest flowers from the most exotic locations to perk you up, mind and soul, and give you a little mental vacation. Read More about Tahiti On Your Table »
Posted by gordonboswell on July 2, 2018 Flowers

An Unforgettable 4th of July Arrangement

If you're hosting a shindig at your place for the 4th of July this year, it's time to have some fun. Gordon Boswell is going to show you exactly how you can do that in florals, but first, can we take a minute to appreciate the incredible opportunity to decorate we have on this day? We love it when we see patriotic bunting hanging from porches or clusters of sparklers on the table, especially if that table is draped with a red-checkered cloth. Everyone's in a festive mood, and the decor we dress our homes in should seize on that spirit and reflect it back. Read More about An Unforgettable 4th of July Arrangement »
Posted by gordonboswell on June 24, 2018 4th of July Holidays Plants

Pair Thee Well This Summer

What makes a summertime soiree so special? We here at Gordon Boswell will let you in on a little secret: it's all about what's on the table. And no, we don't just mean the gorgeous platter of salmon accented by lemon wedges and rosemary sprigs. Or the glistening dish of ceviche. We're not even talking about the sangria you'll pour from a crystal pitcher pulled out just for this occasion, or the meringue you've got waiting in the wings for dessert. We're talking about the flowers. Summer is peak season for easy and elegant gatherings that transition from indoors to out. Moonlight, candelight and plenty of luscious fresh food are key elements of a spectacular seasonal party. Many flowers are also at their peak during this season, and make the perfect pairing with your fiesta. Read More about Pair Thee Well This Summer »
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June Is For The Sweethearts

Gordon Boswell is in the mood for love, and we'll tell you why. June is the biggest month for marriages of all the months, which means not only are their more marriages, but more anniversaries, too. That's a lot of glorious, gorgeous flowers, and during a season when flowers are at their fullest expression. Everything in June seems tailor-made for romantic events and ceremonies, and we've got those flowers to show for it. Read More about June Is For The Sweethearts »
Posted by gordonboswell on June 11, 2018 Flowers Love and Romance

A Gift Basket Is The Way To His Heart

Well, not just any gift basket. We here at Gordon Boswell want to be clear: this June 17, otherwise known as Father's Day, you're going to want to give a particular kind of gift basket to the dad (or dads) in your life. Don't overthink it. Simply imagine what your father or the father in your life would always love to receive, and the answer becomes easy. Straight up goodies. Delectable treats and snacks that can carry him through the game, the soccer practice, the long meetings at work. A basket of dad-centric indulgence that would make anyone of that persuasion happy. Read More about A Gift Basket Is The Way To His Heart »
Posted by gordonboswell on June 4, 2018 Father's Day

A Bestie Gift To Beat Them All

On June 8, we're called upon to celebrate our BFFs. National Best Friend's Day is no lark---it's a legit occasion during which we fete our most fabulous friends with flowers. (Also, dinner, possibly brunch, maybe a cocktail or two.) Gordon Boswell is more than happy to match you up with the perfect flowers to symbolize your perfect friendship, and also to express the things you can't when it comes to your best friend. It's rare that we run out of things to say to such a person, but if we do, flowers can bridge the gap. They can also elaborate on how we feel, ensuring that our strongest feelings are given a voice. Read More about A Bestie Gift To Beat Them All »
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